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Who we are

About us

Faustino Romero Gestión 45, S.L. is a full service company established in the center of the city of Tarragona since 1995.


Our consultancy has a team of graduates and professionals who will respond to your demands, questions and management needs -present and future. 


A good advice and a good management can help people and groups to be more agile, strong, competent -economically and socially. It is a saving, not a cost.

It takes a good strategy or approach and also good day-to-day monitoring.

Adelaide Sanchez

social graduate

Collegiate number 699

All customers are important to us

Regardless of the type of company


Self employed


Our philosophy



Any challenge -however difficult it may be- has a solution. 

We are looking for it. 

We live in the age of speed. The future is now.


Professional ethics and discretion are our currency. 


We work very close to the client. Make it easy for you. 


Quality and success lie in taking care of the details. 


We cooperate with civil society and the Public Administration. 

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